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The benefits of buying organic are numerous in this age of chemical enhancement. Common farm chickens are as chemically enhanced, if not more so, than many professional athletes. The notion that bigger is better has driven farmers to inject steroids and growth hormones into just about every farm animal possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t just stop with animals. The vegetables grown on corporate farms are also dripping with chemicals. Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are used to grow a crop that provides bigger yields and better-looking produce. While this may seem like a great way to increase the quality of everything around us, we have yet to see the long term effect that some of these chemicals and hormones can have. One of the biggest benefits of buying organic is that you won’t have to wait anxiously to see the ramifications of these additives, and the lasting detrimental effects that they may have on our lives.

There are however, some alternatives. The idea of growing and using organic food products is not new. What is new is the commercial success of retail stores that specialize in organic products. The strict guidelines that are applied to foods and products that wish to be classified as organic are expensive to attain and maintain. For a long time this cost drove many small retailers out of business. The benefits of buying organic were out-weighed by the price. Organic food sellers were forced to charge such high prices for their products that no one could afford to shop them. The bottom line was that living an organic lifestyle was just not cost effective for normal, everyday, middle class folks. 

For this very reason, we were inspired to find a better way. A way that through us that we could find cost costing solutions... so that we may drop the price point of these nutritious and beneficial foods. - lifescript

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