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Hi fellow health nuts,


I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about myself so you would know who your talking to.. 

This is my journey:

I started out as an ICUt nurse which I did for about 7 years. Mostly open heart ICU, surgical ICU, cardiac researcher. Divorced, a single mom with two kids, one of each. Then I went back to school to get I my masters degree in public health more specifically health policy and management. I was mainly doing contract negotiation for insurance companies. Setting up physician/ hospital provider plans, and working mainly with physicians and hospital CEO’s and hating it. So I went back to school and got my doctorate.

I have been a practicing nutritionist for 15 years. I have my PhD in wholistic nutrition dealing with all kinds of patients with various health challenges. My interests are heart disease and more personally Lyme disease since I have been suffering with it my whole life. 

My advice to you is start eating healthy to prevent health problems - as it is never to late to start.

Please let me know what you want to hear about or learn more about. Ask me questions, I will try to answer any and all.